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Former PSC Commissioner files Smart Meter Petition

Loxahatchee residents Alexandria and Daniel Larson have joined other Florida Power & Light Co. customers who do not want a smart meter installed at their residence. They also object to new fees FPL wants to charge customers who opt out of its smart meter program by keeping their old meters.┬áNathan Skop, a Gainesville attorney […]

Fighting for the right to opt out – Smart Meter

Whether you are waiting your turn to get your smart meter removed or still fighting for the right to opt out in the first place, here are some steps you can take based on what Stanley discovered to proactively protect yourself from a smart meter’s harmful effects.
1. Q-Links. A Q-Link is a pendent that […]

Opt-out of Smart Meter – $528 each year!

Viva Residence, a Catholic Worker hospitality residence that has been serving the Baltimore area for 46 years, simply obtained four sees from BGE concerning our meters. The two structures that comprise our soup kitchen area and food kitchen are set up in such a way that we have four meters and thus get 4 […]

Smart Meters Radiation Direct exposure Approximately 160 Times Greater than Cell Phones

Smart Meters Radiation Direct exposure Approximately 160 Times Greater than Cell Phones (Hirsch).
Daniel Hirsch, California radiation expert and UCSD coach, slams the industry-influenced CCST record that incorrectly lessened smart meter dangers, based upon the widely distributed industry-generated Mention to Associates report. CCST is a partner with US DOE (US Dept. of Power), funder and […]

Smart Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Off The Charts!

A person stopped by my home with two tools that gauge electromagnetic radiation. The microwave, when switched on measured over 2,000. My cordless phone determined 50 and over constantly. The SmartMeter pulsated at 1,500. Research will should be done on the amount of times it starts and off within a ROUND-THE-CLOCK duration.

I was oversleeping an […]