What is Radio Frequency illness?

Radio frequency illness arise from too much exposure to radio frequency radiation. The signs consist of headaches, ear buzzing (ringing in the ears), queasiness, tiredness, skin rashes, irregular and/or racing heart beats, muscle twitches, problem focusing, sleep problems, memory issues, hypertension and even more. Radio frequency illness is not a condition. It is an […]

Summary – Dangers of Your Smart Meter

For those who are questioning exactly what a smart meter is and why individuals are not pleased about them, we have actually assembled a summary to assist swiftly comprehend the primary problems surrounding them.

Exactly what is a “smart meter”? Take a look at the images at the top of this site. The meter left […]

Smart Meter Problems Privacy & Health

As smart meters proliferate around the nation, problems are gurgling up that their transmissions might have an effect on Americans’ health or personal privacy. The Maine Public Utilities Compensation will in fact be holding hearings to hash out the concern on October 30 and 31.

Yet the case for personal privacy concerns and smart meter […]

The REAL Dangers of Smart Meters

Smart meters have been connected with personal privacy concerns, data security concerns, and fire safety issues, but the greatest risk from RF (radio frequency) meters could be from the signals they emit while reporting their data to the central utility office.

A research performed by the market group, Electric Power Research Institute,  proclaimed that in […]

Electrosensitivity & Smart Meter Radiation

Public worries concerning wireless smart meters are proven. They are backed by different medical authorities such as the general public Health Departments of Santa Cruz Region (California) and of Salzburg State (Austria). These authorities are worried about the increasing lot of locals who mention they have established electrohypersensitivity (EHS), especially given that for numerous […]

Smart Meters Hacked in Puerto Rico

The recent turn out of smart meters has actually caused blended reactions from customers. On one hand, there are activist teams relaying the wellness and privacy problems that smart meters might possibly have. On the other, the energy business are promoting the advantages of smart meters when faced with a $3.4 billion fund stimulus […]

Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology

Over the past 2 years, there has been installing clinical and scientific evidence of the severe organic dangers to human beings from supposed “Smart” Meters direct exposure that are being installed by the hundreds of thousands around North America and Europe. Researchers have actually been recording the EMF/RF exposure impacts for years. Nevertheless, it […]

Low Levels of Smart Meter Radiation can still be DANGEROUS!!

Despite many years of research that considerably shows reduced levels of RF emissions can still be dangerous, the Globe Wellness Company and FCC (Federal Communications Payment, the Usa agency in charge of specifications concerning non-ionizing radiation) have actually not issued boosted requirements or plans, based upon existing science and the preventative principle, for general […]

Controversy Mounting Over Smart Meters

Utilities across the country are mounting supposed smart meters in residences and businesses to allow them to better track and manage power use by their customers, intending to increase performance, lesser prices, and minimize contamination.
But the innovative meters, which make use of wireless and electronic technologies to send regular usage data to energies, encounter […]

Smart Meter Dangers Impacting Human Health

All around the world people are mentioning Smart Meter radiation is impacting their health.  Utilities proclaim smart meters are secure, and contrast them to cell phones. Nevertheless mobile phone, cell towers, wi-fi and other cordless gadgets can additionally influence your health! Decreasing your EMF exposure can profit your general health and health. Learn additional regarding how […]