“My Home is My Castle” – Ed Friedman vs Smart Meter Dangers

Ed Friedman does not mind the tinfoil-hat jokes. Simply do not install a smart meter on his residence.

From his home in Bowdoinham, Maine, the helicopter aviator and ecological activist is leading resistance to electronic electrical meters being installed by the regional utility, Central Maine Power. The new devices, which utilize wireless radios to broadcast […]

Co-op Replaces Smart Meters for Safety

San Isabel Electric Association has been on a crusade to install digital smart meters that’s stretching the boundaries of ingress access for a utility.
I was surprised to find my gate open on private property with a new meter installed without prior notification and with no regard for signs that were posted stating; “smart meter […]

Fighting for the right to opt out – Smart Meter

Whether you are waiting your turn to get your smart meter removed or still fighting for the right to opt out in the first place, here are some steps you can take based on what Stanley discovered to proactively protect yourself from a smart meter’s harmful effects.
1. Q-Links. A Q-Link is a pendent that […]