What is Radio Frequency illness?

Radio frequency illness arise from too much exposure to radio frequency radiation. The signs consist of headaches, ear buzzing (ringing in the ears), queasiness, tiredness, skin rashes, irregular and/or racing heart beats, muscle twitches, problem focusing, sleep problems, memory issues, hypertension and even more. Radio frequency illness is not a condition. It is an […]

Low Levels of Smart Meter Radiation can still be DANGEROUS!!

Despite many years of research that considerably shows reduced levels of RF emissions can still be dangerous, the Globe Wellness Company and FCC (Federal Communications Payment, the Usa agency in charge of specifications concerning non-ionizing radiation) have actually not issued boosted requirements or plans, based upon existing science and the preventative principle, for general […]

Just what is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic electricity is a term utilized to describe all the different sort of electricities launched into space by celebrities such as the Sun. These sort of electricities consist of some that you will certainly recognize and some that will appear odd. They consist of:.

Radio Waves.
Radar waves.
Warmth (infrared radiation).
Ultraviolet Light (This is what triggers […]