7 05, 2014

Controversy Mounting Over Smart Meters

Utilities across the country are mounting supposed smart meters in residences and businesses to allow them to better track and manage power use by their customers, intending to increase performance, lesser prices, and minimize contamination.
But the innovative meters, which make use of wireless and electronic technologies to send regular usage data to energies, encounter […]

7 05, 2014

“My Home is My Castle” – Ed Friedman vs Smart Meter Dangers

Ed Friedman does not mind the tinfoil-hat jokes. Simply do not install a smart meter on his residence.

From his home in Bowdoinham, Maine, the helicopter aviator and ecological activist is leading resistance to electronic electrical meters being installed by the regional utility, Central Maine Power. The new devices, which utilize wireless radios to broadcast […]

7 05, 2014

Smart Meter Dangers Impacting Human Health

All around the world people are mentioning Smart Meter radiation is impacting their health.  Utilities proclaim smart meters are secure, and contrast them to cell phones. Nevertheless mobile phone, cell towers, wi-fi and other cordless gadgets can additionally influence your health! Decreasing your EMF exposure can profit your general health and health. Learn additional regarding how […]

6 05, 2014

Smart Meter Makes Woman Sick

Trish Pirrie has electrohypersensitivity, which she says causes her headaches, pain in her legs and a feeling of pressure when she is near electrical devices, Wi-Fi and her smart meter, a digital electrical energy meter.

Ms Pirrie stated she had regulated her environments as much as possible, but the smart meter danger, which was mounted […]

6 05, 2014

Homeowners ARRESTED for saying NO to Smart Meters

As if cops in most significant cities didn’t have sufficient to do currently, now they are being deployed as enforcers for the nanny state.

Police officers in Naperville, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, have jailed two mommies after they tried to shut out utility employees from installing alleged “smart meters” on their residences. The ladies, […]

6 05, 2014

Just what Are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are electric and gas meter checking out tools being mounted all over the United States as an initial step in producing a national clever grid. Created to boost electricity effectiveness and make widespread adoption of renewable energy easier, Smart Meters are radio transmitters that communicate data from homes and businesses to the […]

6 05, 2014

Class Action Lawsuit Filed – Smart Meter Dangers

The Smart Meter Dangers…
Smart meters, aka cordless utility meters, despite the fact that never tested for their effect on human beings, are now being presented on a large scale to determine a family’s electrical, gas, and water use all across the nation and around the world.
Nomi Davis says ‘enough’. Enough of being persuaded and […]

6 05, 2014

A Right to Choose – Smart Meters Dangers

The legal right to refuse a smart meter is “fundamentally an issue of the principle of choice,” from Smart Meter Dangers testified Rep. Tom Conroy (D) Wayland at the Telecommunications Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Smart meters wirelessly transmit granular usage data to utilities and 3rd parties, receive and implement instructions, can control thermostats and appliances […]

6 05, 2014

Avoiding Smart Meters

Lots of people are preventing the removal of the analog and setups of the smart meters, for self-preservation (self-defense) factors. When all is stated and done, those are individuals with no smart meters. Indicators are typically inefficient, alone. Lock up the analog. See how, below.

This is effective for many people … and with opt-outs […]

6 05, 2014

Smart Meter vs Cell Phone, How Much Radiation are You Getting?

Does a smart meter emit much more radiation compared to a cell phone? Do they go beyond FCC public exposure requirements? View for yourself Burbank Water & Power is informing us that smart meters discharge less radiation than cellular phone. Is your energy mentioning the same point? After PG&E mentioned to Amy O’Hair that, she decided to […]