Smart Meter Being Installed
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Question? If Smart Meters Are So Safe… Why Are Utility Workers Using Full Radiation Gear?

What is a Smart Meter?

It’s a digital replacement for the analog electric, gas and water meters. The smart meter consists of proprietary software that allows the device to monitor and relay energy usage information in real time to The central network or smart grid.

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Why Are Smart Meters Dangerous?

Smart meter devices wirelessly connect to a central network that monitors your energy use in real time. This Powerful 24hr two-way communication is transmitted  via radio frequency (RF) , much like a cell phone.  This process creates variable amounts of Radiofrequency RF electromagnetic radiation EMR.

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The output levels vary depending on the workload assigned of that particular smart meter . That said, the measurements of any smart meter are typically off the charts. Thousands of  times higher then recommended safe levels. The powerful pulses of radiation can reach a radius of 60 feet. Easily penetrating through walls

and making environments from smart meters  unsafe for humans, pets and even plant life. Human exposure to electromagnetic radiation  has increased tremendously over the last decade. Technological breakthroughs in mobile and wireless devices have completely saturated our everyday lives with a sea of electromagnetic energy. the full effects of RF electromagnetic radiation exposure is still uncertain however, new studies and data are showing strong links between dangerous health conditions that can range from chronic fatigue and depression to birth defects and cancer depending on the intensity of the EMR(s)..

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Smart Meters: The Privacy Issue.

Invasion Of Your Privacy? You Decide…

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Smart meter technology allows for two-way communication between other smart meters and the central smart grid. The meters have the capability to monitor in detail every usage of electricity in your home. This allows The parent companies to monitor and collect data in order to create your customer energy profiles. The utility companies are assuring everyone that their information is only going to be used to help create better systems for the customer however this valuable marketing data could potentially be sold or used in ways that violate privacy laws.

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